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Announcing CameraBag Cinema, Now In Free Beta

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We're excited to launch the forums alongside our announcement of a new product: CameraBag Cinema!

CameraBag Cinema is a special version of CameraBag, currently in public beta for Mac, which is focused on filtering and editing videos. You can use all your existing CameraBag filters and workflows (and also edit photos), but we've also created new tools specifically designed for video.

We'll have much more info in the coming days, but for now, a trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjmPNUjBZ0E&feature=youtu.be

When it launches, CameraBag Cinema be an entirely new product, with pricing and release date to be revealed at a later time. In the meantime, you can try the latest free beta now RIGHT HERE.

CameraBag Cinema Features And Tips
- CameraBag’s same non-destructive adjustments and highest-fidelity 96-bit image processing, but now you can process videos in addition to photos
- 3D LUT import lets you bring in and edit filters created in other video software
- 3D LUT export allows you to create filters in CameraBag Cinema that you can use in most video editors, and directly on many video cameras
- Streamlined, understandable video export settings
- Easily crop and rotate videos and set custom aspect ratios
- Trim controls to edit video clip length
- Hit spacebar to quickly preview your rendered video clip
- Background rendering queue so you can keep working while your videos (or video batches) are processing

New Features Also Coming to Standard (Photos-Only) CameraBag
- Zoom to view images and videos at 100%
- Right-click to copy and paste curves
- Use scrolling to smoothly and accurately adjust curve nodes
- Smoother editing all around with live image processing now happening on a background thread
- Background render queue for batch processing so you can keep working while processing a batch of photos

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