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How to do "Levels" in Camera Bag

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For tweaking, I suspect the Shadows/Highlights tool will probably be a better choice.

If the photo needs some serious correcting, go to the Tone Curve tool. Use the bottom left point for the left side of the Levels tool (black level), and the top right point for the right side (white level). You can grab a spot in the middle of the curve to adjust the overall brightness curve, or, if you're a purist, add an Exposure tool and use that instead.

For photos in between those two extremes, you might find the Gamma Curve tool to be useful.

In any event, you'll probably want to have the histogram ('1' key for brightness histogram, '2' key for RGB histogram) up so you can see when your adjustments are reaching the limits.

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It occurs to me that I should have mentioned that for simple tasks, the Exposure tool is pretty powerful. It's only got one adjustment, not five like Levels does, but a lot of times you only need one -- make the image brighter or darker.

Exposure control is also available as part of the Multi Tool, if you're also looking to make contrast and/or saturation adjustments.

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