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Will Not Load Next with Arrows

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I've just downloaded the latest version 3.0, I have used 2.0 for the last year, and the new version will not allow me to load the next photo using the arrow keys. If I go to File and click on Load Next, that works, but that's frustrating. 

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Shift-arrow still works, but yeah, the left and right arrows alone don't do it any more.

My guess is that was to prevent accidentally switching from one image to another while editing, but only the folks at NeverCenter know for sure.

I'm retraining my fingers to hold the Shift key while scrolling among pictures, but sometimes they forget.

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Thanks for the question, typeAtrips! We made the change to Shift+arrow key for two reasons: 

  1. As Doug guessed, to avoid accidentally switching images (from feedback).
  2. To make it consistent with CameraBag Cinema, which uses the left/right arrows to shuttle through video, and shift-right/left arrows to go from video to video in a folder.

That said, we've been annoyed by needing to hold down the extra shift key, ourselves, so we may revert this to how it was before. ;) (Anyone else have thoughts/want to weigh in on this decision?)

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