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Video series: CameraBag Adjustments Tab Walkthrough

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to quickly post here about the video series we've been working on: a walkthrough of the tools in CameraBag's Adjustments tab (both Cinema and Photo), each in about a minute or less.

We just completed the Advanced Color section, with new videos coming daily. You can check them out on our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/nevercenter) or all conveniently together with descriptions on a page in the CameraBag Support section of the site (http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/photo/support/adjustments).

We've also been adding an official discussion thread for each video in the Tutorials and Resources sub-forum here, for easy discussion/notes: http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/forum/index.php?/forum/20-pro-tips-tutorials-and-resources/

Once we've completed the Adjustments tab, what kind of how-to videos/tutorials would you like to see? Love to hear your feedback! :)


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I'd suggest overviews of some of the adjustment options.

#1 on my list would be the choices for many of the color tools:

  • Colorize
  • Tint
  • Color Filter
  • Dye
  • Color Balance
  • Screen
  • Multiply

#2 would be the choices for Dynamics:

  • Overlay
  • Luminance

#3 would be the choices for tone curve, advanced contrast, shadows/highlights:

  • RGB
  • Luminance
  • Value
  • Lightness

#4 (last) would be the choices for blur and circular blur:

  • Gaussian
  • Box
  • Circle
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I love these suggestions! It's a good point that those settings are not always immediately clear (or clear on what each is good for). Thanks, Doug!

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