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Supplied presets

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Just thinking aloud about the supplied presets...

For the B&W presets, how about using a Filtered B&W with Amount=0 instead of Saturation? That would make it a tiny bit easier to add color filtration to those presets when desired.

Is there a reason that some of the B&W presets do the curve first and then the saturation, while others do the saturation first?

Have you considered including the 1-Hour Photo preset? Yeah, it's pretty close to a slightly-blurred version of the new B&W Films G 03, but G 03 is gentler on the bright highlights, which can reduce the impact of the result a bit.

Speaking of B&W presets, what's the difference between B&W Essentials and the new B&W Films? I get that the film presets with "G" in the name add grain, but otherwise they seem to me to be just more variations. And sometimes the variations are unclear -- there's not a lot of difference between B&W Essentials 08 and B&W Films N 01, between B&W Essentials 04 and B&W Films N 04, and between B&W Essentials 09 and B&W Films N 05.

Color Essentials 02 and 04 have separate Exposure, Contrast, and Saturation tools. Would they be simpler with a Multi-Tool? Or does the order somehow matter for those presets? Or maybe it'd be better to swap out the Contrast tool with Advanced Contrast using the default origin and method?

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A lot of those differences (saturation before or after curve) is just based on what looked nicest on the test photos at the time. B+W Essentials has more variety, is a broad swath of different B+W styles. B+W Films are all just gamma curve and saturation (and grain in the G set), so for example they'll never raise the black level like some of the B+W styles do.

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