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Cheap copies of Camera Bag Photo

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Hello Dear Camerabag, you serve us well, we are loyal to you and enjoy your software BUT I have just been sent a link to Smith Micro's online shop to buy Camera Bag Photo for $14.99. Now that is a sort of "slap in the face" for all of us who paid full price for the software and a rather tacky step to take. IF YOU NEED TO EXPAND USAGE THERE ARE OTHER WAYS OF DOING IT!

Please, think again. We care about you too.


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Hi Pip!

Thanks for writing in and sorry about the frustration. We definitely do need to continue to expand usage and, as you guessed, are looking for the best ways to do that; sales are one of the ways that we an attract new customers and get the word out so that we can continue to fund development. We certainly don't intend to hurt or anger any of our supporters and we're sorry you felt that way! We'd love to hear suggestions you may have on how we can better get the word out about CameraBag--what are your thoughts?

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