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Can anyone tell me what the best way is to get natural underwatercolors in a video, shot without external lighting? In Lighroom and aperture (Photography) you can use the white balance function for this. Has camerabag a similar function to give underwatervideo the correct color?

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We've had a few individuals write in about this--and we'd love to hear what other underwater photographers/videographers do. As you noted, we don't currently have a white balance tool in CameraBag, but we do have a set of color correction tools under Adjustments > Advanced Color. I dive and take some underwater photos, and I can often get the colors I want using those adjustments; of course, without additional lighting/filters there will always be some lost color as you go deep, but for the color data that is there the Advanced Color tools do a pretty good job of correcting that/pulling it out.

Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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