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We're so happy you came to report a bug. Seriously. We love bug reports; they help us make our apps better. No matter how much we test, there's no way we will be able to test on all possible setups and for all possible circumstances, so we rely on help from you to make our apps the best they can be.

Here's what we need in order to squash bugs:

  1. Repeatable bugs: To fix a bug, we have to be able to repeat it. Unfortunately, one-time crashes just aren't very fixable. But if you can make the app crash EVERY TIME you do something, then that can be fixed.
  2. What the bug is: What did you expect to have happen, and what happened instead? Also, if you get an error message, please tell us!
  3. Steps to repeat the bug: Give us the script. We need to know what to do to repeat the bug on our systems. The simplest set of steps to repeat are the best--tell us exactly what we can do on our systems to see the bug you have found; what do you do every time that makes the bug happen every time?
  4. System/app version/file details: Set the stage. Tell us what operating system (and version of that OS) you are running as well as what version of the app you are running. If the bug has to do with a file, please tell us what kind of file it is, and the file path if possible. Any other details (file size, system details, etc) are also helpful. We need to know what ingredients we need to set up our systems to match yours; then we can follow the steps in #3 to repeat the bug, so we can squash it!
  5. Other info: Any additional info you have is welcome! Is this bug new to this version of the app? Have you recently updated your system? Anything else change on your system around the time the bug appeared?


Final note:

Please do a search before posting a new bug. The more information we have pulled together on one bug, the better. So if you can find a bug report for the same bug you want to report and add to it, this will help us get the bug fixed faster. The less time we have to search and compile information, the more time we can spend squashing bugs and updating. :)

Thank you again!

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