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These downloads include the free trial period. If you have already purchased a license and would like to register your copy of CameraBag, simply run the program and enter in your registration information in the pop-up window when prompted. If you already have a copy of CameraBag v2.x installed, this download will update you to the latest version.

Latest version of CameraBag (v2.8.01):

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Other Available Downloads:
Legacy Installers:
CameraBag v2.7 (Mac) (OS 10.7 or newer, Intel Core 2 Duo)
CameraBag v2.7 (PC) (Vista, Win 7, or newer)
CameraBag v2.6 (Mac) (OS 10.6.8 or newer, Intel Core 2 Duo)
CameraBag v2.6 (PC) (Vista, Win 7, or newer)

Legacy Styles:
CameraBag v2.8 Default Presets
CameraBag v2.7 Default Presets
CameraBag v2.6 Borders
CameraBag v2.6 Cameras
CameraBag v2.6 Default Favorites
CameraBag v2.6 Legacy Adjustments
CameraBag v2.0 Legacy Styles

(Learn how to put downloaded Legacy Styles into your current copy of CameraBag in this video (YouTube).

CameraBag 1.x:
CameraBag Desktop 1.x Resource Page (v1.x license holders, or PPC Macs)