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We're excited to announce CameraBag Photo (v3) for Mac and PC. After a great run with the original CameraBag Desktop, followed by leaps ahead with the redesigned CameraBag 2, CameraBag is now better than ever. We've listened to your feedback to add features, functionality and improved tools/presets. CameraBag 3 is also now available in two versions: photo-only, and with advanced cinema funtions. We hope you'll take a look and try out what the new CameraBag Photo and CameraBag Cinema have to offer.

With this release, CameraBag Desktop 2.x is no longer officially supported (we will not be making updates to the program for new operating systems, etc), but we still want to provide you with the v2 downloads, help files, and extra content. Please click on the appropriate links below to find what you are looking for!

Latest version of CameraBag 2.x (will work with all CameraBag 2.x registration codes):
CameraBag v2.8.01 (Mac)
CameraBag v2.8.01 (PC)

System Requirements:

Other Available Downloads:
Legacy Installers:
CameraBag v2.7 (Mac) (OS 10.7 or newer, Intel Core 2 Duo)
CameraBag v2.7 (PC) (Vista, Win 7, or newer)
CameraBag v2.6 (Mac) (OS 10.6.8 or newer, Intel Core 2 Duo)
CameraBag v2.6 (PC) (Vista, Win 7, or newer)

Legacy Styles:
CameraBag v2.8 Default Presets
CameraBag v2.7 Default Presets
CameraBag v2.6 Borders
CameraBag v2.6 Cameras
CameraBag v2.6 Default Favorites
CameraBag v2.6 Legacy Adjustments
CameraBag v2.0 Legacy Styles

(Learn how to put downloaded Legacy Styles into your current copy of CameraBag in this video (YouTube).

CameraBag 2.x Support
Getting Started With CameraBag 2
Frequently Asked Questions

CameraBag 2.x Update History
Top New Features, v2.8
Top New Features, v2.7
Top New Features, v2.6
Top New Features, v2.5

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