CameraBag for Mac/PC: What's New
Nevercenter has released another update to our award-winning desktop photo app CameraBag! Now at version 3.0, we're very excited to bring our users some of the most-requested, most useful features that they've been waiting for.

All existing CameraBag 3.x license owners receive this update for free: simply download the new version. (Not a license owner and want to try it out? No problem! The same download will run for 30 days before requiring a registration code.)

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Top New Features, v3.0

Top New Features, v2.8
*Extensions are in Mac App Store version only, due to Mac OS Sandboxing requirements. Still v2.8 only; removed in v3.0.

Top New Features, v2.7

Top New Features, v2.6

Top New Features, v2.5

Complete Feature List
General Features
  • 32-bits-per-channel Analog Engine offers unparalleled image quality
  • Carefully-crafted and fully-adjustable filter presets
  • Multi-threaded background render queue
  • RAW image editing support
  • Lightweight, instant-open standalone editing
  • Side-by-side image editing
  • Customizable interface with collapsible sections
  • Multi-document tabs, with full view, split screen vertical/horizontal
  • Tile-based adjustments show everything affecting the image
  • Tile nesting
  • Non-destructive editing and re-ordering of effects
  • Copy/paste adjustment tiles
  • Copy/paste adjustment tile curves
  • Full-screen quicklook filter previews
  • Animated hover previews for adjustments and filters
  • Keyboard shortcut for toggling between filtered and original
  • Keyboard traversal of filters (arrow keys up and down)
  • Keyboard traversal of next and previous files (arrow keys left and right)
  • Preset organization via files using Finder
  • Easy native filter import/export for sharing
  • 200+ filter presets
  • Batch processing
  • Render queue
  • Curve-based color correction
  • Custom filter preset creation
  • Interactive zoom
  • Toggle original (for quick comparison)
  • Random preset function
  • Professional histograms and scopes
  • Supported file formats:
    • Image loading: Standard image files - jpeg, png, tiff; RAW files - crw, cr2, nef, nrw, dng, arw, sr2, raf, mrw, pef, rw2, orf, rwl (some may require additional OSX software from Apple or camera manufacturer)
    • Image saving: jpeg, png, tiff
  • Fully-Adjustable Filters And Presets
  • B+W Essentials
  • Color Essentials
  • Classic Photography
  • Color Correction
  • Film Grain
  • Film Stock Still
  • Film Techniques
  • Film Tone
  • Filtered B+W
  • Mattes
  • Monocolor
  • Pop Art
  • Vintage
  • Legacy Presets available for download
  • Basic Adjustments
  • Crop/Straighten
  • Exposure
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Temperature
  • Multi Tool (combined exposure, contrast, and saturation)
  • Advanced Light Adjustments
  • Tone Curve (RGB-, Luminance-, Value-, and HSL Lightness-based)
  • Gamma Curve
  • Advanced Contrast (RGB-, Luminance-, Value-, and HSL Lightness-based)
  • Shadows/Highlights (RGB-, Luminance-, Value-, and HSL Lightness-based)
  • Dynamics
    • Overlay
    • Luminance
  • Brightness
  • Advanced Color Adjustments
  • Coloring (via Colorize, Tint, Color Filter, Dye, Color Balance, Screen, Multiply)
  • Coloring Curve (via Colorize, Tint, Color Filter, Dye, Color Balance, Screen, Multiply)
  • R,G,B (separated) Curves
  • Color Wheels
  • Individual Component Curves (Red, Green, Blue, Red+Green, Green+Blue, Blue+Red)
  • Hue Shift (curve-based)
  • Hue Exposure (curve-based)
  • Hue Saturation (curve-based)
  • Split Tone
  • Color Balance
  • Color Mixer
  • Filtered B+W
  • Photographic Adjustments
  • Vignette
  • Grain
  • Sharpen
  • Blur
  • Circular Blur
  • Masks
  • Hue Mask
  • HSV Mask (curve-based)
  • Luminance Mask (including load preset)
  • Blur
  • Circular Blur
  • Other Tools
  • Borders (Basic, Fill, and Image)
  • Watermarks
  • Dead Pixel Repair
  • Watermarks
  • Aspect Ratio constraint
  • Exact Size constraint
  • Maximmum Size constraint

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