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Pixelmash is our internal tool we've been using in our indie game side projects for making pixel art from photos or sketches. It's currently in alpha, but if we get enough interest we'll work on it more to get it to a public beta release. Sign up below to show your interest!

You can check out Pixelmash in action in a few of our YouTube videos here and here.

Create pixel art from photos, sketches, or from scratch.
Pixelmash lets you easily import a photo or sketch, divide it into layers, set the pixelization level dynamically, erase and paint with handy brush tools, and apply pixel-art specific layer effects to create amazing pixel art without the fuss usually involved.
The easiest and quickest way to make great pixel art.
You don't have to be a pixel art pro to make something awesome with Pixelmash - our unique resolution-independent approach and intuitive layer effects make it possible for anyone to use.
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