Happy modeling.

Silo 2 is a focused 3D modeling application with the ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculpting high-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces. It can be used for anything from creating 3D characters for video games and movies to quickly exploring 3D architectural ideas.

Silo is currently being used at top studios worldwide as both a stand-alone design tool and as a versatile element of a multi-software 3D graphics workflow. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

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CameraBag for Mac/PC
Desktop photo editing redefined.

CameraBag 2 is a photo app for Mac and PC with a whole new approach to editing. Redesigned from the ground up, CameraBag 2's Analog Engine pairs a full suite of photographic tools with the high quality filters and vintage simulations we're known for. Its key innovation is a stunningly straightforward approach to layering, rearranging, and endlessly tweaking all of these effects in realtime. The 100+ fully-adjustable filters and 25+ professional controls CameraBag 2 ships with are only the beginning, forming the palette from which you can find, and create, your own styles.

CameraBag 2 is available for both Mac and PC.

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CameraBag Mobile
Simple. Intuitive. Minimal interface.

Bring CameraBag with you in your pocket. CameraBag 2 Mobile includes dozens of adjustable photo styles (with new ones added regularly for free download in the Online Style Library within the app), the ability to save customized looks as your own, and the ability to import advanced styles hand-made in CameraBag for Mac and PC.

There are two versions of CameraBag Mobile available; one for iPhone/iPod Touch, and another for iPad.

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The new standard for classic photography on iPhone.

We've crafted a core set of filters that cover the most timeless styles in photography, then set them in an elegant interface that allows you to compare and tweak with ease. You can infinitely grow your collection of filters with downloadable add-on sets, by crafting your own presets within the app, or by creating filters from scratch on your computer and importing them. Real-time adjustments and previews raise the bar in photo app interactivity and make Fotograf a joy to use.

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Minimal, project-based writing for your Mac.

Simple but incredibly useful, Leafnote is a minimal text editor with a twist: the ability to keep multiple documents together as a single project, organized in an easy-to-rearrange tree. Use it for projects large and small; write a whole novel scene-by-scene, or just keep notes and scraps of ideas together in a single project so you can actually find them later. Leafnote's for everything.

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Bear Winter
"Nature doesn't ask your permission; it doesn't care about your wishes, or whether you like its laws or not. You're obliged to accept it as it is, and consequently all its results as well." -Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I gather fire for warmth.
I gather acorns for sustenance.
I gather arrows for defense.
Then the ice bears come.

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Download Silo
Thanks! You can use Silo free for 30 days with no restrictions.

After the trial period expires you can continue to use Silo as a learning version which will let you modify and save models with fewer than 50 polygons.

Please select the version for your system:

Windows 7 or newer, 32-bit
Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit
Mac OS 10.8 or newer
Linux (64-bit, supported systems below)

System Requirements
-Windows 7 or newer, 32- or 64-bit
-Mac OS 10.8 or newer, 64-bit Intel*
-Red Hat Enterprise Linux / CentOS 6+, Fedora 16+, or Ubuntu 14.04+ (x86-64)
-400 MHz cpu (1 GHz recommended), 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 20 MB hard drive space
-Graphics card supporting 1024 x 768 x 16-bit color and OpenGL (24 or 32 bit color recommended)
-Two-button mouse (three-button mouse or two-button mouse with scroll wheel recommended)

*Running Mac OS 10.4 or earlier, or have a Power PC Mac? Please download Silo 2.1.1.

Download CameraBag 2
You can try CameraBag free for 30 days. At any point, you can purchase a license to unlock the time restriction and register the program on your system.

Already own a CameraBag 2 license? This download will let you upgrade to the latest version. If you've already registered a CameraBag 2 licence code on your computer then the new install will be automatically registered with that same information.


System Requirements
- Mac: OSX 10.7 or newer, Intel CPU (Core 2 Duo or better)*
- Windows: Vista, Windows 7, or newer
- 70MB Hard Drive space

Looking for an older version or don't match the system requirements? Check out the CameraBag Downloads Page to find what you are looking for.