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Dev Notes / January 1st, 2018 10:45 pm     A+ | a-

Hey everyone,

We've wanted find good ways to keep in touch with you since our beginning, and over the years have had great successes (the Silo User Forums!) and some failures (attempting to manage social media accounts for every. single. app.). With the new year we are trying a new, streamlined set up--you will now be able to find us as @nevercenter on social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram), in the CGTalk Silo Forums and CameraBag & Fotograf Forums, and here--on this new dev blog.

We're a small group so we probably can't be everywhere everyday, but we will do our best to check in as much as we can. (It's certainly better than the 40+ places we were trying to keep up with previously.) We are grateful to everyone who has been with us through the years (and welcome those who are just joining us now) and we're excited to connect with you, keep you posted on what we are up to, and hear your throughts!

Here's to new beginnings. Happy new year!

(Tom, John, and Stephanie)

p.s. Also streamlined is the Nevercenter Updates newsletter--sign up to never miss the really important stuff. Don't worry, we don't like getting overwhelmed with mail, ourselves, so we make it a point to not overwhelm others with mail, either.
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