Silo Beta Testers Needed!
Silo Beta Testers Needed!
Dev Notes / October 8th, 2020 9:33 am     A+ | a-
Hey everyone,

We're officially restarting the Silo Beta Test Team!

Big things with Silo are in the works, so we need to put together an elite beta tester team with some good testers, which means we're calling out to the best ones we know: the fantastic Silo modeling community. :)

We want to put together a diverse beta team—and one that will cover a variety of setups/modeling styles. If you'd like to help us run THE NEXT VERSION OF SILO (hooray!) through its paces, head on over to and let us know you'd like to help out.

We are super excited to finally be here with Silo and to share what we've been working on. We are also really looking forward to your feedback, because the Silo community has always been a key strength in guiding Silo into becoming the tool that it is.

Jamchild, Feed, and Presque
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