Silo 2021, with brand new RENDERER Milo, is now available!
Silo 2021, with brand new RENDERER Milo, is now available!
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Silo 2021, with brand new RENDERER Milo, is now available! Watch the trailer here:

We're extremely excited to announce a major, full-version upgrade of Silo, and it's brought a friend! Every purchase of the new Silo 2021 includes Milo 2021, our all-new standalone real-time renderer, built on top of the Unreal Engine for incredible realism. Together, Silo and Milo let you make complete scenes and easily export high res renders, turntable gifs, and even do VR and controller-based walkthroughs.

Check out Silo & Milo 2021:

Silo 2021 is the fast, intuitive modeler you know and love, with many new features. Here's what's new:
  • Milo! The new real-time renderer is included with every purchase
  • Blend shapes for powerful procedural modeling and animation, with fbx export
  • Variable SubD edge creasing for fine control over edge sharpness
  • PBR materials export for Milo
  • New UV unwrapping methods
  • Numerical editor updates
  • Milo interoperability: saving in Silo auto-updates in Milo
  • Updated look and feel
  • Tons of bug fixes, optimizations, and stability improvements

Milo is an all-new realtime renderer and VR viewer, currently in Early Access. It’s the ideal tool for product shots, game asset visualization, ArchViz/architectural walkthroughs, portfolio renders, VR previews, turntable gifs for social media, and instantly showing off all your 3D creations in the best light possible. Here's some of what's in Milo 2021:
  • Unreal-powered real-time rendering, taking advantage of the latest graphics cards
  • Physically-based material (PBR) rendering
  • SIB and FBX import
  • Pre-made adjustable lighting rigs
  • Hyper-realistic lighting, shadows, and effects
  • Multiple included environments with custom controls
  • VR viewing and walkthroughs, with instant on/off VR toggling
  • Controller support for walkthroughs
  • High-res image export
  • Direct turntable gif export
  • Coming soon: RTX ray tracing for supported graphics cards
  • And much more! Milo is currently available in Early Access, and developing rapidly. Stay tuned.
This will be a paid upgrade for all Silo users who purchased more than a year ago. (Check your email for a special upgrade discount code!) If you purchased Silo 2.x within the last year, you qualify for a free upgrade to Silo and Milo 2021 (you can just use your existing registration code) and any updates for one year from your original purchase date.

We've also updated our pricing model to support constant, rolling updates in order to get features in users' hands much faster. Silo 2021 (includes Milo 2021) is available now as a cross-platform MacOS and Windows license for USD $149 at Each purchase includes free access to updates to both programs for a year and (unlike a subscription) unlimited use of the last qualifying version even after that period.

We're excited to see what everyone creates with the new tools!

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