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Pixelmash 2020 is here, with major new features!
News & Announcements / July 15th, 2020 1:42 pm

We're very excited to announce the release of Pixelmash 2020!

This new version features several significant new features we think you’ll love! Pixelmash now includes support for reference layers, saving and loading layer effects, color profiles, tiled painting, and more. There’s also a powerful new gradient layer effect, and even support for saving and loading files as reusable templates. Check the videos below for more!

Pixelmash 2020 trailer:
New Features Walkthrough:

This is a paid upgrade for all users who purchased a version of Pixelmash more than 1 year ago. If you need to upgrade your license (or want to check if you need to), you can do so at If you purchased Pixelmash from in the last year, your upgrade to the new version is free; simply download the new version from Nevercenter and use your same registration information. Pixelmash 2020 is also available on Steam and via the Mac App Store.

Get Pixelmash 2020:

We've also created a brand new website with tons of feature videos both new and old, check them out and read more at! Here is a quick overview of some new things in this Pixelmash 2020 update:

Save/Load Layer Effects, and Save As Template
This is a major new feature which lets you easily re-use your work across projects, similar to Brushes in tools like Photoshop. If you've set up a complex (or simple) set of Layer Effects to achieve a certain style, you can now export that as its own file and easily import it into future projects. Just use [File > Export Layer Effects...] to export the effects on the current layer. If you want to export the entire layer structure with effects, use [File > Save as Template]

Gradient Effect
Pixelmash already had one gradient type, Auto Gradient. The new effect is just called Gradient, and it's a simple tool which allows you to choose the angle, colors, and number of steps, and is applied to everything in that layer.

Reference Layers
You can now mark any layer as a reference layer. It will display with adjustable opacity, and will not be affected by layer effects or affect anything else in the scene. This is perfect for importing reference images, temporarily marking a previous animation layer as reference, and more.

Color Profiles
Color profiles can be an annoying headache when working with images. We've added simple tools for keeping your color profiles straight [Edit > Color Management]. By default, you're all set just leaving this as it is, but if you need more control you can switch to Adobe RGB, no color management, convert on export, and more.

Toggle Layer Effects Affecting Children
You can now toggle whether a parent's layer effects will affect the children or not. Both are very useful for different circumstances.

Paint Anywhere in Tiled View
If you are viewing your work in tiled view, you can now work anywhere in the space, not just the original image bounds.

Updated Version numbers and licensing
The previous version of Pixelmash was 1.2.5, and the new version is 2020.0. Further versions will reflect the new scheme. This change emphasizes the live nature of Pixelmash's development, as we focus on faster, smaller, more frequent updates in response to the community's needs. We've also updated the licensing system, so that instead of us releasing a new paid upgrade each year, each license simply comes with a year of free upgrades. This is not a subscription; your latest valid version will always continue to work even if you haven't purchased future upgrades. It simply ensures that everyone gets a full year of upgrades regardless of when they purchase.

Hope you like it! Thank you for your support and for being part of this creative community!

CameraBag has a new update available! Free update for v2020 license holders.
News & Announcements / May 15th, 2020 12:49 am
CameraBag 2020.20 Screenshot

CameraBag Photo and CameraBag Pro have been updated to v2020.20!

We've added a big new interface feature: Starred filters! Simply click the star next to your most-used and favorite filters to add them to a list at the top.

The update is FREE for all current CameraBag 2020 license holders. Get your update wherever you purchased CameraBag 2020 originally: via the Mac App Store, Steam, or the Nevercenter website. If you haven't yet tried CameraBag 2020, this is also a great time to give it a try; you can download your own free trial from

More about CameraBag:

Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you--send us an email to, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. We want to hear your thoughts so we can keep updating with your requests, and we love to see what you are creating!


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A New Version of Pixelmash is Now Available (v1.2.5, free to upgrade)
News & Announcements / March 7th, 2020 9:12 pm

Pixelmash, the revolutionary, resolution-independent pixel art creator, has just been upgraded.

The update is FREE for all current Pixelmash license holders. Get your update wherever you purchased Pixelmash originally: via the Mac App Store, Steam, or the Nevercenter website. If you don't have a license, you can download a free trial from

Here are some of the new things you'll find in v1.2.50:
  • Added hex color input (click on the RGB label in the color chooser)
  • Added import/export of palettes using png image files
  • Improved palette display to support more colors
  • Added display of current mouse coordinates
  • Fixed resolution bug on hi-dpi displays on Windows
  • Fixed layer dragging bugs

Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you--send us an email to, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. We want to hear what you think so we can keep making this little app better, and we love to see what you are creating!

Pixelmash 1.2 is Released! FREE update for current users!
News & Announcements / June 26th, 2019 4:02 am
Pixelmash 1.2.00 Screenshot

Dear Friends of Pixelmash,

Great news! Pixelmash v1.2.00 is LIVE and ready for you to download.

The update is FREE for all current Pixelmash license holders. Get the update wherever you purchased Pixelmash originally: via the Mac App Store, Steam, or the Nevercenter website. Additionally, the trial period has been reset for those who have not yet purchased.

Here are some of the new things you'll find:
  • Added tools to draw rectangles and circles
  • Holding Shift while rotating in the transform tool snaps to 15 degree rotation increments
  • In all brush tools, holding Shift while in line-drawing mode (accessed via right click) snaps to horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree lines
  • New custom dither pattern option in dither effect
  • New option to position dither patterns relative to layer position
  • New outline-only option in outline effect
  • Improved speed, particularly on retina displays
  • Dragging in image files now prompts for import or open as new document
  • Now use Alt+Shift (rather than just Shift) to temporarily enter erase mode in brush tools
  • Hi-dpi support has been added for Windows OS
  • Other bug fixes

Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you--send us an email to, or reach out via Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Let us know if you find a bug we can squash, if you have a great idea to add, or show us what you are creating!

Announcing Pixelmash Ghouls, a game project made entirely with Pixelmash art
Pixel Art / May 28th, 2019 6:44 pm

We've decided to start up a fun game project to work on as we develop Pixelmash (, our pixel art/animation tool. Pixelmash Ghouls is a simple side-scrolling game, inspired by one of our favorite series of the retro era. All the art assets for Ghouls will be made in Pixelmash, and we'll release all the asset files for anyone to play with and modify, and submit their own art if they desire. At the moment we're not aiming to make a full releasable game; our main goal is to develop and refine Pixelmash (and to help get the word out about it). We find that working on a real project brings out all sorts of ideas to make the tool better. Project updates may be a little irregular as this is not our primary focus, but we'll be sure to post new assets as they become available.

Let me emphasize something here: WE ARE NOT ARTISTS. We're developers, so our art may be a little on the programmer-y side. But that's also part of the point: we have a lot of fun using Pixelmash, and we think others of all skill levels will too.

As you can see in the video above, we've already made some good progress. We've created a simple platformer in Unity with some custom physics in order to easily run our character around on curved surfaces (getting the movement right while standing on the turtle was trickier than it looks), with jumping and double-jumps. We've got in some projectiles which aren't shown yet. We've added a few key animated art assets made in Pixelmash, and for the moment we've made it so levels loop indefinitely.

We'll start posting assets, dev updates, and maybe a playable build soon!

Again, we're not intending this to be a full released game, just a fun side project for people to play with. If you want to follow along or contribute, you can subscribe/follow in all the usual places.


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