• CameraBag Pro 2020: $50 USD (perpetual license with one year of free upgrades)
• CameraBag Photo 2020: $30 USD (perpetual license with one year of free upgrades)

Release Date:
Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019

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CameraBag, the best kept secret in photography and videography, just got a whole lot better! Featuring a rare combination of power and simplicity, CameraBag 2020 lets you instantly apply one of hundreds of beautiful presets to your photos (and videos with CameraBag Pro), and then dive deeper with ultra-intuitive professional adjustments and custom presets. CameraBag’s focus on intuitive tools and workflows isn’t about dumbing down image editing, it’s about working smarter and faster, an approach that's made it a cult favorite among professional photographers.

CameraBag 2020 comes in two versions - CameraBag Photo ($30) for working with photos only, and CameraBag Pro ($50) which lets you use the same toolset on both photos and videos.

“A revolution for photo editing.” - Professional Photographer Magazine
#2 Mac App of the Year - Apple
“I don’t understand why it’s so inexpensive.” - Podfeet

With presets specifically designed for portraits, different landscape scenarios, faithful emulation of analog film stock from the past, popular modern photo styles, and more, CameraBag has you covered, even if you don’t yet know how to use all of its powerful tools.

CameraBag Pro is particularly great for anyone who needs to apply the same style to both photos and videos - especially with batch processing for large sets of media (including watermarks/branding, resizing, and cropping).

For those with professional needs, what really sets CameraBag apart from other photo editors is just how intuitive and powerful its advanced tools are. Unique curve tools, adjustment re-ordering and layering, and large precise controls let you do things you simply can’t do in other popular software.

Following are some ways CameraBag is perfect for specific groups of users.

Wedding Photography

  • Easy batch filtering and watermarking
  • Use the exact same adjustments and filters on videos and photos (Pro only)
  • Quick comparison tools for large sets of photos
  • Tons of useful presets for wedding photography
Social Media Marketing
  • Custom image-based borders for consistent aspect ratios and branding
  • Easily save video frames as image files (Pro only)
  • Super fast filter-finding workflow
  • Batch resizing
Portrait Photography
  • Smoother, bigger, better tone curves than in other software
  • Special portrait-focused presets
  • Extremely natural and adjustable film grain
Pro Photographers
  • End-to-end high-bit-depth RAW workflow
  • Fast intuitive file navigation
  • Workflow built for developing a personal style
  • Unique, advanced tools for subtle adjustments

  • New spot heal tool
  • New interactive white balance adjustment
  • New auto exposure adjustment
  • Dozens of new presets
    • Portrait: Freckles BW 1-2, Portrait Curve 1-5, Gentle Focus, Portrait Shadows Green, and more
    • Landscape: Autumn 1-3, Beach 1-4, Landscape BW 1-2, Sky+Earth, Sky+Foliage, and more
    • Architecture: Interior 1-5, Exterior BW, Building Detail, Sky+Buildings, and more
  • New image info window for viewing image resolution, bit depth, and file path
  • Totally reworked rendering engine for greatly improved speeds on hi-dpi/retina displays
  • Added option to reset any adjustment tile to default settings
  • Added Hue color method to Coloring and Coloring Curve adjustments
  • Added interactive placement tool for Dead Pixel adjustment
  • Added saving of 16-bit pngs and tiffs
  • Resizable viewports when working with multiple simultaneous tabs
  • (Pro-only) Added ability to auto-load LUTs located in your default filters directory
  • In-app notifications when new versions are available
  • Support for loading .exr and .hdr images (Mac-only)
  • Various interface updates and improvements
  • Bug fixes (especially on hi-dpi/retina displays)


CameraBag 2020 YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (39MB)

There are far more images available for CameraBag, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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