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Crossgrams is a new kind of word puzzle which mixes anagrams with crosswords (and has a pinch of Sudoku). It's simple, challenging, and extremely addictive. To unscramble each puzzle, just drag letters left and right (never up or down), but watch out: it's not as easy as it seems! Each letter you solve and pin in place is a new clue for the surrounding words. Puzzles range from bite-sized fun to brain-busters you can spend a whole afternoon chipping away at, just like a weekend crossword puzzle.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
Crossgrams is FREE to download and comes with 55 puzzles for you to play at no cost, as well as a free Daily Puzzle.

How many puzzles does it come with?
Crossgrams comes with a changing free Daily Puzzle (try to get a record winning streak!), as well as 33 free "Minis" puzzles (three-to-four words), 8 "Fives" puzzles (five words), 7 "Sevens" (seven words), 4 "Nines" (nine words), and 3 "Elevens" (eleven words). This includes three free starter packs ("Minis", "Starter", and "Challenge"), as well as free sample puzzles included in each of the additional available-for-purchase packs before you buy them.

So, it's free... but then how are you supporting development?
Right now, Crossgrams is entirely funded by people who enjoy the app supporting it through purchasing the add-on puzzle packs and optional color skins (in-app purchases). We're hoping this will allow us to keep it ad-free for everyone!

Tell me more about the in-app purchases.
Crossgrams currently has six in-app purchases: five additional puzzle packs and one color theme pack (to let you adjust the way the app looks). Each puzzle pack has a few free puzzles in the pack to try out before you buy so you can decide if it's a pack you'd like to purchase. Here's a quick break-down:
  • Minis Pack 1: A large pack of 52 three-to-four word puzzles.
  • Normal Pack 1: 40 easy-to-medium puzzles.
  • Normal Pack 2: 40 more easy-to-medium puzzles.
  • Challenge Pack 1: 40 large and challenging puzzles.
  • Challenge Pack 2: 40 more large and challenging puzzles.
  • Color themes: Customize your game with over 10 different color themes. (Find this purchase under Settings.)
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