Download Silo v2.5.6
Thanks! You can use Silo free for 7 days with no restrictions. After that time period it will continue to function as a free model viewer and learning version!

System Requirements:
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10, 64-bit
  • MacOS 10.12 or newer
  • 2 GB RAM, 100 MB hard drive space
  • Systems vary quite a bit, be sure to download the trial and make sure it runs on your system

Silo Site License
Thanks for your interest! A Silo site license:
  • Allows for Silo installation and registration on up to 30 computers using the same site registration code, in any combination of Macs and PCs.
  • Requires that installations must be run at the same physical location (such as a studio premises or school).
  • Does NOT allow for resale/sharing/splitting up individual seats in the site license.
  • Any questions? Just ask us!

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Silo Release Notes
You can get the latest version of Silo from the Download page. You can also check out Silo's complete feature list, found at the bottom of this page.

Want to update an existing 2.x license to the latest version? You should get your update the same way you originally purchased the program: via the Nevercenter website, Mac App Store, or Steam.

Version 2.5.6
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.5
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.4
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.3
New/Changed Features
Known Issues

Version 2.5.2
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.1
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.04
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.02b
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.02
New/Changed Features

Version 2.5.0
New/Changed Features

Version 2.3.1
New/Changed Features
Known Issues

Version 2.3.0
New/Changed Features
Known Issues

Additional Linux Notes (Linux available on Silo 2.3.x only)
The linux version of Silo is for x86-64 systems based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS) version 6 or better. Many linux distributions will run it fine, but not all linux flavors are guaranteed to work. Generally, if the X windows system and glibc versions are the same or newer, Silo will likely work on that system.

We have tested RHEL/CentOS, recent Ubuntus (such as 14.04 and onward), recent Fedoras (16 and onward should work). Lubuntu and Gentoo thus far, possibly depending on the window manager, may have issues with black contents in the windows.

If you have a recent Linux distribution that is well known and doesn't work, please let us know by telling us your Linux distribution and release, key system specs (CPU, RAM). We cannot guarantee support for all systems.

Complete Feature List
Core Features
  • Powerful polygonal modeling with advanced tools
  • Fast subdivision surfaces with creased edge support
  • Lightweight, instant-open, standalone software
  • Focused purely on modeling for a greatly simplified workflow
  • 100% customizable keyboard, mouse, and interface to mimic any workflow
  • 100% customizable on-screen interface, including creating your own buttons and graphics
  • Equal support for a box modeling or strip modeling approach
  • Brush-based displacement painting on a mesh or subdivision surface
  • Topology brush for drawing new topology over a reference object
  • Powerful UV unwrapping tools including LSCM support
  • Smoothing groups/hard edges with smooth shading
  • Live texture updating speeds up your workflow significantly for creating and modifying textures
  • Support for generating 3D text
  • Help/Support:
    • Context-based in-app help
    • Free Online Tutorials
    • Online User Manual
    • Online Modeling Wiki
  • Supported file formats:
    • Import/Export: .sia, .sib, .obj, .3ds, .dxf, .fac, .dae, and .fbx.
    • Export-only: .stl, .pov, and .rib
Creating Geometry
  • Basic Primitives:
    • Cube (Can specify: height, width, depth, width/depth/height sections)
    • Cylinder (Can specify: spokes, radius, height, sections, height sections)
    • Sphere (Can specify: radius, sections, height sections)
    • Cone (Can specify: top radius, bottom radius, height, sections, height sections)
    • Torus (Can specify: inner radius, outer radius, radial sections, circumference sections)
    • Grid (Can specify: width, depth, height, width/depth/height sections)
    • Circle (Can specify: fill, spokes, radius, sections)
    • Arc (Can specify: radius, inner radius, height, degrees, sections)
  • Custom Primitives:
    • Ships with: Base Bust, Base Man with Feet, Base Man with Shoes, Base Woman With Feet, Base Woman with Shoes, Subdivided Cube
  • Lathe Object (Can specify: end caps, sections, degrees, merge tolerance, axis)
  • Extrusion Object (Can specify: height, sections, axis)
  • Path Extrusion Object (Can specify: end caps, scale, rotation)
  • Edge Tool
  • Polygon Tool
  • Surface Tool
  • Topology Tool
  • Array
  • Duplicate
  • Combine Objects
  • Instance
  • De-Instantiate Instance
Modifying/Adjusting Geometry
  • Append Polygon
  • Append Edges
  • Bevel
  • Boolean Subtract/Combine/Intersect
  • Break
  • Bridge
  • Cut
  • Extrude
  • Fill Hole
  • Flatten
  • Inset Scale
  • Local Move
  • Local Scale
  • Merge
  • Mirroring:
  • Mirror Geometry
  • Instance Mirror Toggle
  • Calculate Symmetry
  • Symmetry Mode Toggle
  • Restore Symmetry
  • Orient
  • Paint Displacement
  • Shell
  • Slide
  • Smooth
  • Spin Edge
  • Split Loop
  • Triangulate
  • Unify Normals
  • Reverse Normals
  • Subdivide
  • Unsubdivide
  • Toggle Current Subdivision
  • Clear Higher Subdivision
  • Refine Control Mesh
  • Crease Edges
  • Uncrease Edges
Selection Tools
  • Group Selection
  • Select Affected Groups
  • Select Next Group
  • Selection Mode (Vertex, Edge, Face, Object, Multi)
  • Convert Selection to Vertices/Edges/Faces
  • Manipulator Tool (Move, Scale, Rotate, Universal, Snap, None)
  • Snapping (Component, Surface, Grid, None)
  • Selection Style (Paint, Area, Lasso)
  • Soft Selection (Can specify: Surface/Spherical, Radius, Falloff)
  • Select All
  • Deselect
  • Select Inactive
  • Invert Selection
  • Expand Selection
  • Grow Selection
  • Shrink Selection
  • Material Editor
  • Recreate UVs
    • Using XYZ Coords
    • Per Face
    • Using Planar Regions
    • Using LSCM Unwrapping
    • Using Neighbors
  • Unwrap UVs using LSCM
  • Live UV Unwrapping
  • Mark/Unmark UV Seams
  • Mark UV Seams Toggle
  • Pin/Unpin UV Vertices
  • Move and Sew
  • Mirror UVs
  • Nudge UVs (U+/-, V+/-, Rotation +/-)
  • Flip UVs
  • Arrange UVs in Bounds
  • Scale UVs to Bounds
  • Scale UVs Proportionally
  • Export UVs to Image
  • Generate Normal Map
  • Generate Displacement Map

Click here to download and try the latest version of Silo yourself.
  • Add Light (Can specify: directional/point/spot, diffuse/ambient/specular color, constant/linear/quadratic falloff, spot cutoff/exponent, lock lights to camera, custom lights)
  • Use Scene Lights
  • Lock Scene Lighting to Camera
  • Make Scene Lights Default
  • Object Display Modes:
    • Wireframe Mode
    • Flat Shade Mode
    • Smooth Shade Mode
    • Fast Shade Mode
    • Ghosted Shade Mode
    • Show/Hide Wireframe
    • Show/Hide Textures
    • Show/Hide Normals
  • Frame Selection
  • Focus Selection
  • Hide Selection
  • Hide Unselected
  • Show All
  • Unselected to Wireframe
  • Unselected to Ghost Shading
  • Viewport Layout Options:
    • Single View Layout
    • Horizontal Split Layout
    • Vertical Split Layout
    • 3-View Layout (Right)
    • 3-View Layout (Left)
    • 4-View Layout
  • Viewport Camera Options:
    • Free Perspective View
    • Free Orthographic View
    • Top/Front/Left/Right/Back/Bottom Orthographic Views
    • UV 2D View
    • UV 3D View
  • Walkthrough Mode
  • Show Work Grids toggle
  • Show Manipulator toggle
  • Show Viewport Images toggle
  • Show Lights toggle
  • Show UV Seams toggle
  • Show Buttons toggle
  • Next Button Page
  • Set/Select/Delete Viewport image
  • Render External (Can specify: file format [sib/sia/obj/dxf/3ds/fac/rib/stl/pov], render command, command line options)
  • Scene Editor
  • Scene Info (scene: objects, faces, iso faces, tris; selection objects, faces, edges, vertices, tris; faces: 3-sided, 4-sided, >4-sided)
  • Object Properties (name, shading, subdivision level, symmetry, instance mirror, show/hide wire, show/hide normals, show/hide textures, hidden, locked)
  • Numerical Editor
    • X,Y,Z Position
    • X,Y,Z Rotation
    • X,Y,Z Scale
    • X,Y,Z Size
    • Distance
    • Angle
    • Coordinates World/Manipulator
  • Material Editor
    • Name
    • Diffuse
    • Ambient
    • Specular
    • Emissive
    • Shininess
    • Texture
  • Brush Editor
    • Falloff curve
    • Name
    • Radius
    • Strength
    • Focus
    • Image
    • Operation (push/pull, smooth/noise, pinch/inflate, smudge/flatten, move)
    • Size to Screen/World
  • General Settings
  • Subdivision Settings
  • Display Settings
    • Edge width
    • Vertex size
    • Selected edge width
    • Selected vertex size
    • Edge alpha
    • Face alpha
    • Normals length
    • Camera field of view
    • Near clipping plane ratio
    • Walkthrough mode speed
    • Work grid width/spacing/heavy step/alpha
    • UV grid width/spacing/alpha/texture alpha
    • Texture resolution
    • Optimized face draw limit
    • Rotate camera around selection/framed selection
    • Backface culling
    • Show/Hide subdivision cages
    • Show/Hide selection subdivision cages
    • Show/Hide selection highlighting
    • Triangulate Quads on/off
    • Draw Viewport Gradient on/off
  • Color Settings
    • Viewport Background
    • Viewport Background Secondary
    • Grid
    • Viewport Text
    • Viewport Selected
    • Selection Tools
    • Manipulator X/Y/Z/Center
    • Manipulator Selected
    • Soft Selection Near
    • Soft Selection Far
    • Selection Highlighting
    • Shape Wireframe
    • Selected Shape Wireframe
    • Selected Instance Wireframe
    • Unselected Vertices
    • Selected Vertices
    • UV Pinned Vertices
    • Vertex Mode Wireframe
    • Unselected Edges
    • Unselected Creased Edges
    • Selected Edges
    • Selected Creased Edges
    • UV Seam Edges
    • Selected Faces
    • UV Faces
    • Face Mode Wireframe
    • Multi Mode Wireframe
    • Window
    • Window Light
    • Window Dark
    • Window Text
    • Window Highlight
    • Window Title Bar
    • Window Title Text
    • Load/Save Color Presets
  • Button Settings
    • Command
    • Up/Down Image
    • Anchor-to location (15 options, plus "custom")
    • Persistent on/off
    • Button Pages (+ add new page)
    • Add Button
    • Load/Save Button Presets
  • Keyboard Settings
    • Assign keyboard shortcuts to ALL program commands
    • Load/Save Keyboard Presets
  • Mouse Settings
    • Left Button (with: no add'l key, alt, ctrl, shift, ctrl+shift, alt+shift, ctrl+alt, double click)
    • Middle Button (with: no add'l key, alt, ctrl, shift, ctrl+shift, alt+shift, ctrl+alt, double click)
    • Right Button (with: no add'l key, alt, ctrl, shift, ctrl+shift, alt+shift, ctrl+alt, double click)
    • Scroll (wheel up/down with: no add'l key, alt, ctrl, shift, ctrl+shift, alt+shift, ctrl+alt)
    • Load/Save Button Presets
    • Default Presets: Silo, Lightwave, Max, Mirai, Silo Alternate, Trackpad
  • Save/Load All Settings