Silo Tools Series


Learn to customize Silo and make it your own. (1:27)

Core Commands and Tools:

     0:14 - Mouse Settings
          All mouse buttons and modifier combinations can be customized.
               Editors/Options > Mouse Settings
               Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + ,
     0:33 - Keyboard Settings
          Keyboard shortcuts can be quickly assigned to menu items by highlighting a menu item and pressing
          the desired key combination.
               Editors/Options > Keyboard Settings
               Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + K
     0:49 - Color Settings
          All colors, line widths, lighting, and display properties can be customized.
               Editors/Options > Color Settings
               Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + C
     1:06 - Button Settings
          The on-screen interface is completely customizable, and includes support for multiple button pages.
               Editors/Options > Button Settings
               Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + P

Silo Tools Series (Beginner)
Getting Started
Silo basics: creating, viewing, selecting, and modifying 3D objects.
(3:11 / 4.3 MB)
Learn to customize Silo to fit your own style and workflow.
(1:27 / 1 MB)

Cut Tool
Silo's context-sensitive Cut Tool can help you quickly create new geometry.
(1:13 / 1.1 MB)
Silo's set of manipulators, their components, and Tweak.
(1:44 / 2.4 MB)

How to rotate, pan, zoom, switch viewports, and toggle interface buttons.
(0:48 / < 1 MB)
Scene Editor
The Scene Editor tool offers quick and easy access to everything in the scene.
(1:39 / 1 MB)

Selection Modes
An introduction to Silo's Object, Vertex, Edge, Face, and Multi selection modes.
(1:14 / 1.7 MB)
Sticky Keys
Press and hold keyboard shortcuts for "sticky" functionality.
(1:24 / < 1 MB)

Make edits to your base model and let Silo take care of the smoothing.
(1:41 / 1.9 MB)
Use Tweak to grab and edit geometry with a single mouseclick.
(0:59 / < 1 MB)

UV Unwrapping
Learn about some of Silo's UV tools. Video is silent, with captions.
(3:59 / 21.1 MB)

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