GuerrillaCG Modeling Series
Guerrilla CG : Primitives
Primitives from The Guerrilla CG Project on Vimeo.

From Guerrilla CG:

Primitives are objects like spheres, cubes and cylinders that are made by the computer automatically. These objects are a handy starting point for any model. In this tutorial we show how primitives can be used to rough out complicated objects including a UFO, mech robot and a thorny devil lizard. (3:24)
GuerrillaCG Modeling Series (Beginner)
GuerrillaCG : The Polygon
GuerrillaCG explains the polygon: the basic building block of all 3d models.
GuerrillaCG : Multisided Polygons
GuerrillaCG explains multisided and intersecting polygons.

GuerrillaCG : Objects
GuerrillaCG explains objects and why they are useful.
GuerrillaCG : Primitives
GuerrillaCG explains primitives, and how to use these convenient starting points.

GuerrillaCG : Subdivision Artifacts
GuerrillaCG explains the relationship between topology and smoothing.