Modeling A Car by Matt Connors
Modeling a Car - Part I
Covers setting up the viewport images and roughing out the basic car body shape. (14:57)

Core Commands and Tools:
     Create Cube
          Menu: Create > Cube
          Hotkey: Alt + C
     Accessing 3-Pane View
          Menu: Display > Viewport Layout > 3 View Layout (Right)
          Hotkey: Right Arrow
     Shifting Between Views
          Menu: Display > Viewport Camera
          Hotkeys: 1 (Perspective), 2 (Front), 4 (Left), 5 (Top), 6 (Right), 7 (Back)
     Setting a Viewport Image
          Menu: Display > Set Viewport Image
     Material Editor
          Menu: Editors/Options > Material Editor
          Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + M
     Scene Editor
          Menu: Editors/Options > Scene Editor
          Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + E
     Ghosted Shade Mode
          Menu: Display > Object Display Mode > Ghosted Shade Mode
          Menu: Subdivision > Subdivide and Unsubdivide
          Hotkey: C (subdivide), V (unsubdivide)
          Menu: Modify > Extrude
          Hotkey: Z
     Cut Tool
          Menu: Modify > Cut
          Hotkey: X
          Menu: Modify > Mirroring > Mirror Geometry > Opt (select direction)
          Hotkey: Alt + Shift + N

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Modeling A Car by Matt Connors (Intermediate)
Modeling A Car - Part I
Matt Connors begins the Austin-Healey Sprite tutorial by forming the car body. (14:57 / 21.9 MB)
Modeling A Car - Part II
Matt Connors continues with car body wheels and headlight prep work.
(18:14 / 33.5 MB)

Modeling A Car - Part III
Matt Connors adds to the car: headlights, grill, windshield, and seat.
(28:18 / 65.3 MB)
Modeling A Car - Part IV
Matt Connors finishes with details and post-render shots. (3:05 / 10.8 MB)
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