Sword Creation by Mirko
Medieval Sword - Part II
Covers creation of the sword blade and rain guard and combining the blade with the hande (10:57)

Core Commands and Tools:
     Numerical Editor
          Menu: Editors/Options > Numerical Editor
          Hotkey: Ctrl + Alt + N
     Cube Properties
          Menu: Create > Cube > Opt
     Split Loop
          Menu: Modify > Split Loop
          Hotkey: Shift + X
     Bevel Edges
          Menu: Modify > Bevel
          Hotkey: B
     Slide Tool
          Menu: Modify > Slide
          Hotkey: J
     Select Loop
          Menu: Selection > Select Loop
          Hotkey: Alt + E
          Menu: Modify > Extrude
          Hotkey: Z
     Inset Scale
          Menu: Modify > Inset Scale
          Hotkey: I
     Manipulator Edit Mode
          Menu: Selection > Manipulator Edit Mode
          Hotkey: M
     Combine Objects
          Menu: Create > Combine Objects

Bastard Sword (.sib file)
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Sword Creation - Part I

Sword Creation by Mirko (Intermediate)
Medieval Sword - Part I
Mirko explains how to create the hilt of a medieval sword using Silo. (13:38 / 20.9 MB)
Medieval Sword - Part II
Mirko continues his medieval sword tutorial and finishes the blade.
(10:57 / 15.7 MB)