Modeling Basics
Modeling Basics: Arm Chair
Create a basic object in Silo using Split Loop, Extrude, Subdivide, and Mirror. (16:38)

Core Commands and Tools:
     1:40 - Split Loop
          Quickly create a loop of edges by selecting the side you want the loop to cross and calling the command.
               Menu: Modify > Split Loop
               Hotkey: Shift + X
     3:15 - Extrusion
          Create additional geometry by extruding an element of a shape such as an edge or side.
               Menu: Modify > Extrude
               Hotkey: Z
     4:05 - Subdivision
          Smooth a shape quickly with subdivision.
          A subdivided object is smoothed visually but remains a manipulatable base mesh of polygons.
               Menu: Subdivision > Subdivide and Unsubdivide
               Hotkey: C (subdivide), V (unsubdivide)
     5:40 - Mirroring
          Mirror an object to quickly double the geometry and engage symmetry so all changes will affect both sides of the object.
               Menu: Modify > Mirroring > Mirror Geometry > opt (open options to view mirroring direction)
               Hotkey: Alt + Shift + N
     9:30 - Copy and Paste
          Copying and pasting elements in Silo works similarly to other applications.
               Menu: Edit > Copy and Paste
               Hotkey: Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste)
     10:55 - Paint Selection
          With the paint selection button selected (button that shows a dotted link in an N shape), you can select elements
          by holding down shift and dragging the mouse over them.
               Hotkey: Shift + LMB (select), Shift + Alt + LMB (deselect)
     15:25 - Selecting Through An Object
          Using Area Selection mode (button with a dotted box) you can select either the front of an object or all the way through it.
          To select the viewable faces, hold down the left mouse button while selecting.
          To select through an object, hold down the scroll wheel or middle mouse button.
     1:40 - Combining Objects
          Merges multiple objects into one, so that changes to scale, rotation, etc., will affect all parts.
               Menu: Create > Combine Objects

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Modeling Basics (Beginner)
Modeling Basics - Arm Chair
Learn essential Silo concepts through the framework of creating an arm chair.
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