Character Modeling by Tony Jung Part 8

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The Upper Body

I like to model the upper body separately from the head. It is the way I like to work, others might like to continue on from the neck on down, but like with the ear I prefer to concentrate solely on the task at hand.

This went by pretty quick. I look over some anatomy references I have on hand and I pretty much have an idea of how I want the upper body to look like. Big over developed pecks, big lats and back muscles, and so on.

Most of the stuff here is pretty self-explanatory.

Tony jung tutorial 8 001.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 8 002.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 8 003.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 8 004.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 8 005.jpg

I was asked what type of modeling I prefer, box or poly-poly. I can't say I do one or the other exclusively. I think edge modeling is more appropriate term for the type of modeling I do, because the only time I actually work with a box is in the very beginning and after that I am really working on edges and edge flow.

I was also asked about tweaking, and how much time I spend tweaking. I do a lot of tweaking, but it is almost always quick tweaks, if I have to spend a lot of time tweaking things into the shape, then there is something wrong with my edge flow. A good edge flow helps to form your shapes quickly and efficiently, a bad one with do the opposite and may cause you into adding more unnecessary edges and add to your headache.

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