Character Modeling by Tony Jung Part 9

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Finishing the Torso Area

Finishing up the body portion of the character. Lower abs, some fatty obliques, and lower back.

Tony jung tutorial 9 001.jpg

Building arm. I notice that I have 5-points directly in the fault lines where my area will deform, not wanting to risk deformation problem later on, I rework the edge flow.

Tony jung tutorial 9 002.jpg

In here I need to add more edges, extra definition for proper smoother deformation. The shoulder-upper arm area is always tricky area of deformation, and requires a good amount of definition(edge loops) to get good deformation.

Tony jung tutorial 9 003.jpg

I am forming the shape of the upper arm. Generally, there are 2 muscle shapes you have to be aware of. One the biggest muscle in your upper arm, the bicep which forms more towards in the direction of the body, than being in the center of the upper arm, this is something many people tend not to do properly, and the tricep which runs counter to the bicep, so it forms more away from the body than towards.

To form the 2 muscles, I mainly redirect edges, using spin edge and reconnecting edges or creating new loops.

Tony jung tutorial 9 004.jpg

Another area of deformation is in between your upper arm and the forearm, the elbow region. In this area, it is a standard practice to have more than enough edge loops, to get good deformation out of the area. The arm needs to flex from 0 degree up to maybe 135 degree, so the deformation is pretty extreme. As a rule of thumb you shouldn't have anything less than 5 edge loops in that surrounding elbow region if you want to deform that region properly.

Tony jung tutorial 9 005.jpg

Another mirror check. Needs some minor fixing and tweaking, but so far so good.

Tony jung tutorial 9 006.jpg

Right about this time I almost always do a quick deformation check. It is a good idea to do so, to spot areas that are having deformation problems and needs further work. I catch some minor issues, but I am pretty happy how things are deforming, the shoulder bend at the right spots, shape is maintained. The pecks stretches with the shoulder and bicep, as the edges fans out, which was what I wanted.

Tony jung tutorial 9 007.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 9 008.jpg

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