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Custom Buttons | Void


This Button UI is not intended to be on screen all the time, rather to be invoked as needed. Set the hotkeys in Keyboad Settings, the command to look for is 'Show Buttons Toggle'. I have mine set to tilde (~), I've also set the 'Next Button Page' to ALT+1 for convenient cycling of the 2 pages.

How To

Extract to 'C:\Program Files\Silo 2.1\Preferences' creating the void folder. Go to Editors/Options > Button Settings > Load and load the SIP file. Copy the SIP file to 'C:\Program Files\Silo 2.1\Preferences\Presets\Button Settings' to get it in the Presets dropdown in the Button Settings window.

Screen Shots

Page 1 (Simple)

VOID-Buttons Page1.jpg

Page 2 (Extended)

VOID-Buttons Page2.jpg


void custom UI