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A brief introduction to adding and editing pages on this wiki.

Before You Get Started

You can view all pages on this wiki without registering, but in order to edit pages and upload files, you must register for the wiki (using the link at the top of the page) and provide a valid email address in your user profile.

Editing Pages

Once you are registered on the wiki and logged in, you will see an Edit link at the top of every page which is publicly editable. Some pages (such as the front page) are locked and are only editable by administrators, but most pages can be edited by anyone.

Clicking on the Edit link on a page takes you to the markup code for that page, which includes the page text along with certain special characters that determine the text formatting. You can change this text to add links to your new pages or files or to add or edit information on some subject, then press Save Page at the bottom of the editing page to save your changes to the site.

We've created a simple page that explains some of the basics of the wiki markup language here. You can practice using the markup language in the Sandbox page that we've created for people to practice on (do whatever you want to that page, it doesn't matter).

Creating New Pages

You can create a new wiki page using several different methods. One way is to click on the New Page link in menu at the top of the page. This asks you to choose a name for your page, which will also be its title, so choose carefully! This page name has to be different from all other pages - you'll be taken to the already-created page if it isn't.

Another way to create a new wiki page is by creating a link to it in an existing page as if it already existed. You will be prompted to create the new page when you click on the new link or on any link to a page that doesn't exist.

Finally, if you search for a page using the search box on the left, and the page doesn't exist, clicking on the page name in the search results will give you the option to create a new page with that name.

Keep in mind that if you create a new page, make sure some existing page links to it, otherwise people will have a hard time finding it.

When creating new pages, template code will automatically be added to the page to help you get started. You also may want to use the markup code from the Tutorial Template to get started when making a text-based tutorial.

Uploading Files

All images referenced on the site need to be uploaded to the site, rather than being linked using a url from somewhere else on the web. You can upload images, videos, and 3D model files.

You can upload files using a few different methods. One is to use the upload link that appears in the menu at the top of the page. You have to choose a unique name for the file, then you can link to the file from any page by using that unique name.

The other way to upload a file is to create a link to it on an existing page as if the file already existed (using the name of the file as it will appear when uploaded to this site, not a url to the file somewhere on the web). Then when you save the page and click on the link, you will be prompted to upload the file.

Files uploaded to this wiki can be no more that 10MB in size. If you are uploading video, we suggest you use h.264 compression as you can fit an amazing amount of video in a small file with this compression codec. It is available in many programs, including the inexpensive Quicktime Pro from Apple.