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This manual is divided up into four main sections.

The first section is a quick start guide that reveals many of the essential shortcut keys and tools for getting around in Silo, allowing you to quickly dive in and get using Silo right away.

The second section, this section, is an introduction to Silo. It contains a brief explanation of Silo, this manual, and the system requirements to run Silo on your computer.

The third section describes all tools and commands that can be used while modeling in Silo. It is arranged into categories by menu heading as they occur in the program, though all commands can also be assigned to keyboard or mouse shortcuts. Additional notes follow each category; these bulleted notes contain many tips and tricks to help streamline your workflow. You don't need to read through this section from front to back. Use it as a reference when you are unsure of what a particular command does, or when you what to go more in-depth.

The fourth section is an appendix with additional notes on selected topics such as file formats.