Keyboard Settings

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Keyboard Settings.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Editors/Options > Keyboard Settings


The Keyboard Settings dialog allows you to assign your own keyboard shortcuts in Silo. All character keys and the spacebar are assignable, in conjunction with any combination of Control, Alt, and Shift keys. All of Silo's functions and windows can have a shortcut assigned to them. To assign a shortcut, select the function and then press the desired modifiers and key. To unassign a function's shortcut key, select the function and press Delete. Keyboard Shortcut settings can be saved and loaded via the Save and Load buttons, allowing users to share and download different shortcut setups.


  • If you assign a key which is already assigned to another function, it will be removed from the previous function before it is assigned.
  • This dialog uses Presets. You can add your own preset by copying a Silo preferences (.sip) file into the corresponding presets directory within the Silo install directory on your computer.