Lathe Object

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Lathe Object.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Create > Lathe Object


Description.The Lathe Object command allows you to revolve a 2D profile around an axis, creating a new 3-dimensional object. Properties of the lathe can be changed in the options window.



The number of radial sections in the lathed object.


The degrees of rotation.

Merge Tolerance

How close end points need to be to be merged at the ends of the lathe.


The axis around which to rotate the 2D profile (World X/Y/Z, Local X/Y/Z, Endpoints).

Cap Ends

Toggle capped ends on/off.


  • Lathe will also work with a closed polygon or 3-dimensional object as a source, but may produce unexpected results. A line segment profile is recommended.
  • You can Lathe an open or closed line segment.