Manipulator Edit Mode

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Default Shortcut: M

Menu Path: Selection > Manipulator Edit Mode


The Manipulator Edit Mode toggle will switch the manipulator between affecting the selection (regular mode) and having no effect on the selection (manipulator edit mode – by default the manipulator will be drawn all white when in this mode).

When the manipulator has no effect on the selection, you can freely change its position and rotation so that when you leave manipulator edit mode it will relate to the selected geometry differently. This is one way you can edit the selection's pivot point. You can also set specific pivots and axes by turning off the manipulator repositioning in the Auto Orient Manipulator menu.

If you have a single object selected in object selection mode (see Selection Mode) and enter Manipulator Edit Mode, you can edit the object's local axis. These changes in the local axis will remain after you leave Manipulator Edit Mode (i.e. the object's axis will remember its new position).


  • The scale manipulator has no effect when in Manipulator Edit Mode.