Mirror Geometry

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Modify > Mirroring > Mirror Geometry


The Mirror Geometry command will mirror an object over a world-coordinates axis. If the object overlaps the axis, the overlapping portion will be deleted and replaced by the mirror. All vertices within the merge tolerance along the axis center will be merged.

The axis and merge tolerance for this command can be set in the Mirror Options. If the +X axis is selected, for example, all of the object's geometry on the positive side of the X axis will be kept, and all of the object's geometry on the negative side of the X axis will be replaced by the mirror. The object will be divided by the YZ plane. The merge tolerance allows for the object to be reconnected if there are vertices close to the dividing plane. If a vertex's mirrored counterpart is within the merge tolerance from the original vertex, it will be merged with the original vertex.


Mirror From Axis

Choose the axis which contains the geometry you want to be mirrored. Any geometry on the opposing half will be deleted and replaced with the mirror.


Any vertices along the center of the mirror operation which are closer together than this value will be merged. This is useful if you have vertices which are very close to the center but not quite perfectly aligned, and you want to ensure that all center vertices are properly merged upon mirroring.

Enable Symmetry

If this option is enabled, Symmetry will be calculated and enabled for your model after the geometry is mirrored, allowing both sides to be updated symmetrically as you model.