Orient Manipulator

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Orient Manipulator.jpg

Default Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + W (To World)

Menu Path: Selection > Orient Manipulator


The Orient Manipulator submenu allows you to reorient the manipulator for the current selection.

To Normal Vector

This will cause the manipulator to be aligned with the normal vector of the selection. In face mode, the normal vector will be the average normal of the faces. In vertex and edge selection mode, Silo will attempt to deduce the best normal vector. In object selection mode, this command will orient the manipulator to the object's local axis.

To Object

This orients the manipulator to the local axis of the selected shape or the shape whose components are selected. If components from multiple shapes are selected, world x, y, and z axes will be used.

To World

The manipulator will be oriented to the world-coordinate x, y, and z axes.


  • Silo will do its best to determine where the selection's normal ought to be, but in some cases, such as with a random non-planar collection of vertices, there is no clear choice.
  • If you would like to orient the selection to world-coordinates along with the manipulator, use Orient Selection To World instead.
  • If you would like to change the way Silo orients by default, use the Auto Orient Manipulator commands.