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====Models and Textures====
====Models and Textures====
*[http://www.cgtextures.com/ cgtextures] - Loads of free textures for everything from building to animals
*[http://www.cgtextures.com/ CG Textures] - Loads of free textures for everything from building to animals
*[http://www.tdt3d.com/textures.php free seamless textures]
*[http://www.tdt3d.com/textures.php TDT3D Seamless Textures] - Free texture files for those with free TDT3D membership.
====Application Specific Forums====
====Application Specific Forums====

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Links to other 3D graphics sites and resources.

Basic 3D Graphics Discussion

Reference Image Sites

  • Fineart.sk - Free Human anatomy reference images
  • The Blue Prints.com - lost of hard surface images for trucks, planes, motorcycles etc.
  • 3d.sk - paid but royalty free human anatomy reference images
  • 3D Reference - Site that links out to other with reference images, objects, etc.
  • Character Designs - Free photo sets of models in various poses
  • Motor Cities - Images of nearly every car ever produced.

3D Wikis

  • CG Talk Wiki - content about studios, games, software packages etc.
  • Blender on WikiBooks - 3D Modeling tutorials that cover various topics for beginning and advanced users.

Sculpture and Drawing

Models and Textures

Application Specific Forums

Tutorial Websites

Computer Animation Studios

Free Renderers

  • Aqsis Renderer - Open source RenderMan-compliant 3D rendering solution, available for Windows, Linux, MacOS X and others (cross-platform).
  • Indigo Renderer - Freeware physically-based unbiased render engine.
  • Kearkythea - Freeware physically-based unbiased render engine with an interface! Supports photon mapping, MLT, additional render methods and accepts OBJ files (rotate 90 degrees around X-axis before export).
  • Bricks'n'Tiles - Free program for generating realistic brick and tile surfaces in renderers. Commercial use requires purchase.
  • trueSpace7 - Free modeler and renderer that includes tutorials.
  • Yafray - Open Source Renderer
  • Panal - Program distributes renders over various computers

Free Game Engines

Other Sites of Interest