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Paint Displacement.jpg

Default Shortcut: T

Menu Path: Modify > Paint Displacement


The Paint Displacement command will enter the current displacement brush and allow you to begin painting displacement on your model. Displacement Painting in Silo is a means of adding details to your shape by pushing and pulling (displacing) the surface of a subdivided (see Subdivide) model via brush-based tools.

On highly subdivided models, you can add fine details like wrinkles and cracks easily with displacement. Along with adding detail, displacement painting can be useful for getting the form of a shape quickly, without having to worry about edge placement or other traditional modeling concerns.

The displacement brushes can be used on the base mesh as well as all subdivision levels.


Paint Standard: Left Mouse Button

Paint with the current brush. If no geometry is nearby, this rotates the view.

Paint Alternate: Right Mouse Button

Paint with the current brush's alternate effect.

Adjust Radius/Strength: Middle Mouse Button

Adjust brush radius (drag left and right) and strength (drag up and down).

Exit: Esc

Exit tool.
  • You can assign each brush its own shortcut by selecting it in the brush editor and pressing the desired key. Brushes default to A, S, D, and F.


The options window for this command is the Brush Editor.

Sticky Functionality

Press and hold the keyboard shortcut for this command to temporarily activate the current displacement brush. Release the shortcut key to exit the tool. This allows you to quickly switch between displacement painting and regular geometry modeling.


  • Displacement painting can be done on any subdivision level, or the base mesh.
  • For more options related to displacement painting, see the Subdivision Settings and the General Settings dialogs.
  • You can export your displacement as a normal map for use in other applications using the Generate Normal Map command.
  • If you want to use a single command to both open the Brush Editor and enter the displacement tool, use the Brush Editor command.