Path Extrusion Object

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Path Extrusion Object.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Create > Path Extrusion Object


The Path Extrusion Object command works much like the Extrusion Object command, except that the extrusion is performed along a path of your choosing. A path is represented by a set of edges with no faces attached. Each edge represents one extrusion segment. The options dialog allows you to change the way the extrusion behaves.

To perform a path extrusion, position a polygon or line segment object so that it lines up as a cross-section of the path you want to extrude it along. Select the cross-section, and then add the path to the selection (do this by holding Shift while clicking in the default setup, so both cross-section and the path are selected), then call the Path Extrusion Object command.



The amount in degrees that the extrusion will be rotated by the end of the path.


The amount that the extrusion will be scaled by the end of the path.

Cap Ends

If this option is enabled, the extrusion will be filled at the ends to create a closed shape.


  • The Edge Tool provides an easy way to create a path for your extrusion.
  • Path Extrusion Object works on 3-dimensional objects but may have undesired results - you will usually want to use relatively flat non-closed shapes, such as polygons, line segments, or grids.
  • If the path is subdivided, the extrusion will follow the subdivided shape. (See Subdivide.)