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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Display > Render External


The Render External command and accompanying options dialog allow you to set up Silo to work with an external renderer so that you can export and render your Silo scenes at the touch of a single button. What happens when the render command is called depends on the information you provide in the Render Options dialog.


Render File Format

This is the format in which a temporary file will be written when the render command is called. It needs to be a format recognized by the renderer that you choose, as the renderer will then automatically be called on the temporary exported file.

Render Command

This field lets you enter the file path of the rendering program that you want to use and/or your renderer's command-line command. Examples of what could go in this field are "renderdl", which is the render command for the 3Delight renderer. Entering something similar to "C:\Program Files\Povray\bin\pvengine.exe /RENDER" will allow you to use the Povray renderer.
You must be sure the renderer supports rendering of the file type that you choose for the Render File Format. Silo will call whatever is entered in this field from the command line, followed by the temporary file created in the format chosen in the Render File Format option above.

Render Command Options

Here you can enter options that will be given on the command line when the render command is called. These options will be placed after the file name on the command line. See your renderer's documentation for details about command line options.
  • The final command line output will be in the following format if the Render Format was rib, the Render Command was "renderdl", and the Render Options was "-a -l -t": renderdl RenderScene.rib -a -l -t


  • Not all renderers may work with all export formats as expected, even if they say they support the format.
  • You must install your renderer separately – no renderer is included with Silo.