Save Incremental

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: File > Save Incremental


Each time you call the Save Incremental command, Silo will save your scene to a new file with a numerically increasing name. For example, if your file is named "Creature.sib", calling this command once will save your scene to a new file called "Creature001.sib". The next Save Incremental call will save the scene to "Creature002.sib", and so forth.


Number Padding

The number of digits to use in the incremental file numbering.

Max Index (0 To Disable)

The last file number to save to before wrapping back around to 0. If this is set to 0, the file numbering will not wrap back around to 0.


  • The next file number to save to is determined by the current file number of the file you are editing, not the highest file number in the current directory.