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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Selection > Selection Style


Selection styles in Silo change the behavior when you click and drag using one of the selection commands (e.g. Select New).


Selection Paint.jpg
With this style, each component's selection will be affected as you drag your cursor over it, allowing you to effectively paint selection or de-selection.


Selection Area.jpg
Clicking and dragging will produce a bounding box, and all editable components within that box will be affected.


Selection Lasso.jpg
Lasso works like Area, except that instead of a box, clicking and dragging will allow you to draw a freehand selection area.


Only Select Fully Enclosed (Area Selection Only)

This option for Area Style Selection lets you determine whether you need to fully enclose a component in the area selection or only need to partially enclose it in order for it to be considered in the selection.