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Set Viewport Image.jpg

Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: Display > Set Viewport Image...


The Set Viewport Image command allows you to choose an image to use as a background or reference in the current viewport.

Background images can be any image in any of Silo's supported image formats. Once set, this image will be drawn behind all geometry and cannot be selected except with the Select Viewport Image command. When the viewport image is selected with that command, it can be edited with the regular Move, Rotate, Scale, and Universal manipulators (see Manipulator Tool), allowing you to position it as desired. It can also be edited with the Numerical Editor for precise positioning. The background image can be changed by using the Set Viewport Image command again, and it can be removed with the Delete Viewport Image command. No viewport image can be set for the Perspective and Free Ortho cameras.


  • The background image will be drawn using Silo's texture resolution, which can be set in the General Settings window. Images may appear blocky or blurry if the resolution is low.
  • See Supported Image File Formats to see which image formats can be used for viewport images.