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This page contains tutorials and information covering specific Silo tools, tips, and workflow. To add your own tutorials, click here. Modeling tutorials which may be of general interest should be added to General 3D Modeling Tutorials

General Concepts

  • Getting Started - Introduction into Silo basics including viewing, selecting and manipulating an object.
  • Sticky Keys - Briefly shows some of the ways in which sticky keys are used in Silo to speed up workflows by temporarily turning on a tool or toggling. Download here
  • Subdivision - Explains how subdivision can smooth the look of final model but still allow for base mesh manipulation. Download here
  • Customization - Explains the high degree of customization available in Silo. Download here
  • Selection Modes - Shows the various selection moddes available in Silo. Download here
  • Manipulators Video - Explains how the different manipulators work in Silo. Download [ here]

Guide to Silo Commands (Mini-Videos)

Silo Workflows

Tips and Tricks

Conversion Guides For Users of Other Software