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Here's what we're hoping to achieve with this wiki, and how you can help.

The Nevercenter 3D Modeling Wiki is meant to be a place where anyone can come to learn about 3D modeling in general, and also specifically about how to use Silo for 3D modeling. We have two separate tutorial sections set up where anyone can contribute tutorials that either target general modeling principles or specific Silo tools and workflow.

We would love to have you contribute to this site. Whether you want to contribute full-blown tutorials with images for each step, 20-second video clips showing some unique use of a tool, edits to correct errors or add information to existing pages, or free 3D models and other downloads, we'd love to help you share it with others on the web through this site.

The following pages will help you get started. Thanks for coming, and we hope you'll enjoy contributing to the community.

How To Add And Edit Pages

Tutorial Template

Wiki Markup Language Reference