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Silo is a polygon-based 3D subdivision-surface modeling application that focuses on the construction of three-dimensional geometry for use in design, animation, feature films, video games, architecture, and idea communication. Silo's focus on modeling allows for a very understandable and streamlined toolset. It is frequently preferred by professionals and hobbyists alike because of its speed, customizability and ease of use.

Silo has a relatively minimal user interface compared to other 3D graphics programs. This help manual is divided into commands and tools based on their appearance order in Silo's menus, but users are encouraged to use keyboard and mouse commands (which are fully customizable) rather than relying on a multitude of on-screen buttons. Doing this frees up valuable screen space allowing a user to focus on their art and forget about the specifics of using the software. This method also helps reduce the amount of mouse clicks that a user has to make, which can drastically increase modeling efficiency. This help manual assumes you are using the basic setup that comes with Silo when it is first installed.