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:Makes "mytext" a section header
:Makes "mytext" a section header
:Makes "mytext" a small header
:Makes "mytext" a small header

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This site uses Mediawiki as its wiki software. Following are the main markup tags you'll need to create pages here. There are a lot of other tags which you can find in the online Mediawiki reference, but it's best to keep it simple and try to stay mostly with these tags.


Makes "mytext" a section header


Makes "mytext" a small header


Makes "mytext" appear bold


Makes "mytext" appear italic


Indents "mytext" one level


Makes a thumbnail link to myimage.jpg


Makes a link to the page titled "mypage" on this site

[[mypage | mylinkname]]

Makes a link to the page titled "mypage" on this site using the text "mylinkname"

[http://www.silo3d.com mylinkname]

Makes a link to http://www.silo3d.com using the text "mylinkname"


Makes a link to myvideo.mov which has been or will be uploaded to this site