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This is for feature by feature feedback. Jam and Feed, perhaps you want to remove the explanation for features which will never, or rarely be addressed.

Silo requests as of Beta 2.1 Release Candidate

The Create Menu

Surface Snapping

  • Surface snapping could use an offset, along the normal in order to make edits visible above the Surface. Another option to address this would be to have a visibility mode where the selected geometry is always visbile above any other geometry. Ghosting does work for this, but it dampens the readability of the surface.

The Modify Menu

Paint Displacement

  • Inflate Brush. Please for the love of all that's silo and holy, a real inflate brush, so that I can get in there and sculpt crotches... and the odd finger.
  • Object Properties disappears. While Paint Displacement is active and sub-dividing geometry, the Object Properties options should not disappear.

Local Scale

This isn't callobrated with size too well, so smaller objects scale too slowly.

The Selection Menu

Request: Select Visible/Select Thru

  • A sticky key to invert the selection bindings. For example, if you have Select Visible New set to left mouse button, the invert sticky key would change that mapping to Select Thru New for the left mouse button. The sticky key should also work like a toggle if pressed quickly. This would help free up 4-5 mouse key combination that are needed to get the same functionality. The option to show the state of your binding in a custom button would further solidify this feature. The state would change if the binding is set to Thru or if it is set to Visible as toggled by the sticky key.

Convert Selection To

  • Convert Selection doesn't keep pre highlighting. If you have a face selected and you convert to edges, you can't continue to select more edges. The pre-highlighting no longer is active.

Manipulator Tool

  • Rotate Snapping. Many have requested rotate snapping to arbitrary degrees set by the user.

Selection Style

  • New Selection Style mode: Paint/Area This would be a mode to combine Area and Paint selection. So that when you click off the mesh it would be Area style selection. If you click on the mesh it would be paint style selection.


  • Component sliding while snapping. In silo 1.4 we had the ability to slide things along edges and faces as part of the component snapping. We need this back, and we need to be able to slide verts along adjacent edges.

Soft Selection

  • Soft Selection Radius Circle. Would work exactly like the brushes. The circle size would be realative to the size of the falloff radius. Maya's implementation is wonderfull. B toggles soft selection on and off, and if you hold B and mouse click a circle pops up that can be dragged. Silo's could be alot better in that using the already impremented mouse gestures you would save a couple clicks over the Maya version. So that the hotkey for soft selection is a toggle, but if held and middle mouse click drag the radius goes up and down, or the falloff goes up and down depending on the gesture. Scrolling is a nice feature, but many times you have to scroll many times to get things right. Others there is no representation of where the radius is so you never know just how many scrolls it's going to take to get things back to normal. Setting soft selection by component distance is nice, but is finicky and requires more clicks. Also it requires you to use one more hotkey where as it could all be done with one hotkey.
  • Soft Selection relativity This mean that the radius would be relative to the area of the object. So that when working on different sized objects the soft selection would not get lost so easily. Kinda like: Soft Radius = area/offset * multiplyer.


Generate Displacement Map

  • 32bit displacement confirmed for future release.
  • UV seams should show on subdivided meshes and be shown upon creation.

The Display Menu

  • Feed mentioned that many toggles would make it in post 2.1 beta, also scene editor buttons would make it into hotkeys.

Object Display Mode

  • Display selected object above others This helps in so many ways. It would help for surface snapping, it would help for isolating selection to get at faces that are hard to get at. This would need to work like a toggle perhaps. So that you could select your object, hit the toggle to bring it above other objects... do what you have to do... and then put the display mode back to normal. So for example in this picture if the display mode was on. The selected sphere would always be visible above the others... no matter how you rotate the camera.
  • Show Wireframe needs to be a toggle.
  • Show Textures needs to be a toggle.
  • Show Normals needs to be a toggle.

Unselect To Wireframe

  • Toggle please.

Unselect To Ghost Shading

  • Toggle please.

Hide Unselected

  • Toggle Hide Unselected. Instead of having to go into the scene editor and fish for the object and button... it would be nice if Hide Unselected were a toggle between it and show all.

Show All

  • Option for show all to really show all. Be nice to have an option for show all to show all regardless of what selection mode you are in. It could be put in General Settings maybe? Another way to deal with this is to have the display mode that forces the current selection to be visible above all other selections.

Interface Customisation

Drag menu items as buttons

Rather than having to go through a big list of options to create a menu, it would be good to be able to drag a menu item out (maybe with the mmb) and it then becomes an icon.

Lockable option boxes

Things like the "select special" box should be lockable so you don't have to keep bringing it up.

Big Feature Requests

Texture Painting, including bump map/normal map painting

Advanced realtime rendering effects, realtime normal maps

Posing tools : joints?

BlendShape/ Morphing tools

  • Layered Point Positions. Ability to store point positions to weightable layers. With features to extract point positions to layer... and mask out areas... with tools to flip points.

Masking tools