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Silo 2 is a focused 3D modeling application with the ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculpting high-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces. It can be used for anything from creating 3D characters for video games and movies to quickly exploring 3D architectural ideas.

Silo is currently being used at top studios worldwide as both a stand-alone design tool and as a versatile element of a multi-software 3D graphics workflow. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

A Step-By-Step Guide to 3D Modeling in Silo
The best way to learn is by doing. Antony Ward and Nevercenter's own David Randall team up to take you step-by-step from an empty screen to a high-quality character model, offering an extensive introduction to Silo's interface, tools, and workflow along the way. Available now from Amazon.com.

Tutorials, videos, and other resources on both Silo and the modeling process are also available throughout the site, including:

3D Modeling Wiki
The Online Silo Manual
Videos: Silo's Features and Tools
Videos: Silo 3D Modeling Tutorials
Pure, Focused 3D Modeling
Silo brings 3D modeling zen to artists via a clean, focused environment and a streamlined toolset, honed over years of development. It was initially born of our own frustration with the needless complexity and slow, unmanageable workflows of all-in-one graphics software. We single-mindedly devoted Silo to modeling, discovering that the modeling workflow could be made much simpler without sacrificing any power. This unique approach has attracted in equal number students, hobbyists, and professional artists in film, games, architecture, and other fields looking to maximize their production. (Read interviews with professional artists using Silo.)

At Silo's heart is an innovative, robust, and 100% customizable polygon editing toolset, suitable to both organic and hard-surface modeling. This polygonal base mesh is used to drive subdivision surfaces if desired: just hit C and V to navigate between subdivision levels and the base mesh at any time. Those coming to Silo from other applications will find that, despite having fewer tools, Silo isn't lacking any functionality. Instead, basic modeling tools such as Tweak, Cut, Bevel, Extrude, and Slide intelligently adapt to the task at hand based on context, drastically cutting down on the time spent switching or hunting for tools. (Watch context-sensitivity in action with the Cut Tool.)

On top of this core toolset we've added non-destructive brush-based displacement painting (especially useful for high res meshes or directly editing subdivision layers), advanced uv unwrapping, and the unique Topology Brush which lets you literally draw a new edge flow onto a 3D surface. Intuitive, advanced selection tools including Tweak, Loop, Ring, Path, Grow/Shrink, and Soft Selection are key to a fast, fluid workflow. (Watch how Tweak lets you instantly grab and adjust points, edges, and faces to organically reshape the model.)

Finally, we've priced Silo to be accessible to everyone. We strongly believe that inexpensive 3d modeling need not sacrifice any quality, and we've designed Silo to prove it.

Visit the Explore section for much more on Silo's features, or try Silo today for free.
Silo Gallery
See what talented modelers have created with Silo in the Silo gallery.

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