Character Modeling by Tony Jung Part 12

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The Foot

The foot is a tricky thing. The construction isn't all that hard, but making it work and be believable is. The foot needs to have a sense of weight, stability and strength. But if you plan on deforming the foot, you need to also set it up properly with toes spaced far enough so the weighting of each toe isn't too problematic, as well as not modeling the foot looking like it has too much weight on it. It is really a balancing act, something a modeler needs to envision how the foot will eventually need to look like, while modeling it in a very unnatural neutral pose.

Like usual I like to BREAK off an area of the mesh to form newer pieces. I select up to an area that won't be changing so I also have a guideline to follow with regard to proportions and shape.

Tony jung tutorial 12 001.jpg

I quickly build the heel and the instep of the foot. I refer back to my main mesh to see if the foot is going in the right direction of shape and proportion. I'm going for a really big-ass foot, so so far so good. Some redirection of edges to define the inner ankle of the leg.

Tony jung tutorial 12 002.jpg

I fill in the bottom of the foot by selecting vertices and creating a polygon. Also I am reworking the shape for the heel in a rounding topology.

Tony jung tutorial 12 003.jpg

Forming the area for the big toe, with some redirection of edges using spin edge.

Tony jung tutorial 12 004.jpg

Here I start to model the big toe. Like with the hand I create some polygons usually 2 to extrude.

Tony jung tutorial 12 005.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 12 006.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 12 006b.jpg

Once I build one toe, I copy the mesh to use for my other toes. Since the other remaining toes are different from the big toe, I have sculpt the shape. Once I make my changes to the other toe I merge it back to the foot mesh and make the appropriate additional of edges and modifications to match the edges and keeping the results in quads.

Tony jung tutorial 12 007.jpg

I repeat the process by copying the second toe and making rotation changes and some tweaks. I have to keep the toe loose and not too curled up, a neutral like pose for rigging. I merge back, merge vertices, adding additional edges to the foot and so on.

Tony jung tutorial 12 008.jpg
Tony jung tutorial 12 009.jpg

I merge the foot back to the main mesh and I make some changes. For one the toes are way too thin, so I bulk them up by scaling and some soft tweaks, but I still make sure I keep the toes farther apart as needed for rigging and maintaining their neutral pose.

Tony jung tutorial 12 0010.jpg

So that is it for the bad-ass brute, well he's not really BAD, he's just modeled that way.

There will be some minor changes to the body mesh, stuff I will spot during the rigging phase. Once the rigging is done I will be moving on to adding detail to the character with Zbrush to really make the character pop and texture mapping. Adding clothing and accessories. And finally to posing, staging and rendering.

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