Export Scene

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Default Shortcut: None

Menu Path: File > Export Scene


The Export Scene command allows you to export the current project. A dialog will open to allow you to choose a name, directory, and file type for the file.

Export scene is different from Save Scene As in a couple of ways:

  • It doesn't update the file you have open to the just-exported one. (If you are working on a file "CoolScene.sib", make some changes, then export that as "CoolScene-Edited.sib", that file will save out but "CoolScene.sib" will stay open as the file you are still currently working in.
  • It doesn't update the default/latest directory save location. (Silo defaults to saving into the last save location if you don't specify a different one. With "Save" or "Save As", that last-save-location is updated each time you save. With "Export Scene" this last-save-location is not updated.)